The brief

Nespresso wanted to create a personalised and interactive experience, taking customers on a journey of discovery and connecting them to their unique cup of coffee.

Our approach

We built an intuitive online interactive video journey, where customers could choose options that led them to their perfect cup of Vertuo coffee. 

The results were significant:

Average session duration increased to 6 minutes.

Bounce rate dropped by 3%.

Video play rate was high at 67%.

Conversion rate increased by 8%.

‘We wanted to create a truly personalised, interactive experience. The guys at ITCH took our brief, found the perfect solution in Wirewax, developed creative, scripted

and produced the entire experience from end to end. What’s more, they did it in such a short space of time and within the context of a pandemic! The results have been

amazing for us with the Hub achieving second place in customer experience on the European and International stage. As an agency that ‘gets it’, I cannot recommend

them enough.’

Vlad Copaciu, Brand Communications Specialist, Nespresso

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