The brief

Nespresso were looking for an influencer campaign to promote their latest Whisky inspired capsule. The creative needed to feature recipe reels as well as more lifestyle/vibe videos to appeal to their Gen Z Target audience on Reels and TikTok. We also had to deliver photography for their e-commerce site.

Our approach

We created a suite of promotional assets that would maximise the content from the one day shoot with high profile Mixologist content creator @simplyni. 

Shot in a high end location house, we captured video and photography assets that reflected a daytime recipe as well as an evening recipe. We adapted the lighting setup to create a day and night look, as well as using props and wardrobe to reflect the mood. 

Recipe content was shot in an ASMR style, lifestyle videos reflected the whole vibe of the campaign and we captured lifestyle and product photography alongside the video capture throughout the day.

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