The brief

Stanhope wanted to communicate the broad range of services that they provide their clients and show the breadth of their development management model. This was a message that sometimes got lost - with some clients only seeing a fraction of the services Stanhope provides. They wanted to make the message clear with a homepage video on their new website and a suite of video assets. 

Our approach

We scripted a homepage video that captured Stanhope’s services in a clear, concise way - using on-screen text as the main video would be one that would be played out on their website. 

We then got to work shooting some of Stanhope’s incredible development projects around the UK. This involved a lot of logistics, licensing and general paperwork! We captured beautiful drone shots in the heart of London - enabling us to tell Stanhope’s story and highlight their different services. 

In addition to the main website video, we created a number of video assets for them to use on social media. 

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What we do